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HM Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II in March 20Following the death of the Queen, St. Andrew's has opened a Book of Condolences, which will remain available at all times the church is open.

He Majesty was the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom and the longest-serving queen in the world. She has seen two world wars, seven Archbishops of Canturbury, 15 Prime Ministers, and many changes in the law and society to benefit her people. She also had family weddings, divorces, deaths, splits and other difficulties. Throughout everything, she remained calm and in control and refrained from taking any political stance or expressing her personal views. She will be missed by many.
We extend our condolences to her family, her friends and associates and all who knew her. We also extend our prayers to her son, now King Charles III, who takes over as our new Monarch.

This poem was written to commemorate her death and was read in Parliament.


Joanne Boyle

Philip came to me today,
and said it was time to go.
I looked at him and smiled,
and I whispered "Yes, I know".

I then turned and looked behind me,
and saw I was asleep.
All my Family were around me,
and I could hear them weep.

I gently touched each shoulder,
with Philip by my side.
Then I turned away and walked,
with my angel husband as a guide.

Philip held my hand,
and guided me on the way,
to a world where King and Queens
are Monarchs every day.

I was given a crown to wear
or a Halo known by some.
The difference is up here,
they are worn by everyone.

I felt a sense of peace,
my reign had seen its end.
70 years I had served my Country,
as the people's friend.

Thank you for the years,
for all your time and love.
Now I am one of two again,
in our Palace up above.

(reproduced by permission of the author)