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The church in general is often criticised for talking too much about money. At St Andrew’s we try not to do this as we believe any giving should not be done through guilt and is between you and the Lord.

However, we are aware that some of you may not be aware of how you can give. St Andrew’s is mainly funded by our church members, although we do receive some extra income through other donations, the café and room bookings.

We have various ways you can to give to us:

1. A Collection box is available in the café on a Sunday morning (we do not pass it during the services)

2. Standing Order or one-off donation. Our bank details are Reliance Bank, Faith House, EC3R 8EB; Sort Code 60-01-73, Account No 00219614 and Account Name St Andrew’s Church, Furnace Green.
Please speak to our Treasurer or email the office for any further information including a Gift Aid form.

3. Weekly giving envelopes. Please speak to the Treasurer to set this up.

4. Visit the Café.

We realise that times are hard for some so you are under no pressure to give financially. 

If you would like to be kept up to date with how the money is spent, please speak to the Treasurer or the office to be put on the list.