Welcome to St. Andrew’s Church

Welcome to St Andrew’s Church, where we gather together in the presence of:

God the Father, whose heart burns with unquenchable love for all people,
Jesus the Son, who sparks faith in us through his death and resurrection,
and the Holy Spirit, who breathes life into embers of faith and sets our hearts on fire for God.
This week's Word by Marilyn

About Us

We aim to live out Jesus’ command to love all people through genuine, practical care, supporting and encouraging one another as we seek truth with authenticity.

We have a particular vision to fan into flame the spiritual gifts within children and young people, helping them grow in faith and confidence, knowing they are loved and precious to God.

We believe God is forging and shaping us all – regardless of age, status or background – into being his people serving his purposes here on earth.
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Our café is more than just a café, it is a place to meet friends and to make friends.

Cornerstone Café

The Cornerstone Café is the warm hearth of the church, where all are welcome. A place to share good food and find friendship.

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Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved in the life of the church. Joining a group or serving on one of the teams is the best way to make new friends and feel part of the family.
If you are struggling with debt, please contact Christians Against Poverty (CAP) who would love to help.
If you are in a crisis and need food or help with your gas or electricity, please contact the Easter Team who may be able to help you.