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About Us

St Andrew's is a contemporary Evangelical Anglican Church, based in Furnace Green Crawley.

Central to our belief is the word of God as written in the Bible and all of our teaching is Bible based.

We place a strong emphasis on children and young people's work as these are the people who will carry God's word on to the next generation.

Our mission statement is "We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord" Psalm 78 V 4 (NIV)

St. Andrew's was previously part of the Parish of St Mary's Southgate, but as of 2017 is now a parish in its own right.

We are physically joined to, and have a very close relationship with St Andrews Church of England Primary School

Are you new to the church or the area? If so, you are very welcome! Please do check out our Visitor Centre to get all the information about what goes on at our church.