As we take part in another Remembrance Sunday the affect which it will have on us will vary. There will be those for whom the memories are still raw, the losses too painful or the injuries still debilitating. At the other extreme  is  the  history  student  arrested  for  climbing  on  and defacing the Cenotaph who apparently thought it might have some importance but couldn’t quite remember why.
There is a difference between “remembering” and “remembrance”. Remembrance means taking something in the past and making it real and meaningful in our lives today. So when Jesus at the Last Supper said, Do this in remembrance of me”, he was inviting us to make his death and resurrection part of our present ongoing experience.
Likewise, each Remembrance Sunday we are invited to bring  the  suffering  and  sacrifices  of  past  conflicts  into  our present consciousness in a way that will influence our lives today. How we look on the events of the past should shape the choices which we make for the future, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated again.    

Derek Lawrence