A Letter From James

Jesus, almost certainly, did not grow up as an only child.  He had at least four brothers and two sisters, and we know the names of some of them: James, Joses, Judah and Simon (Mark 6:3).  They were probably younger children of Mary and Joseph.  They did not believe in Jesus during his lifetime  (John 7:5). But, after the Resurrection, Jesus' brother James became the respected leader of the church in Jerusalem (eg Galatians 1:19. Acts 15:17ff; 21:18). 

This  James  also  wrote  the  letter  of  James  in  the  New Testament. At least, that  has  been  the  most  widely  accepted view. We shall be exploring this letter of James, chapter  by  chapter,  in  the  next  Sunday  mornings.  It  is  a practical letter, full of pithy wisdom for living in today's world.  James, the Lord's brother, was martyred by stoning in 62AD. 

Roger Combes