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Toybox Mission Sunday

Marilyn Appleby

toyboxIn the latest edition of Toybox Magazine, Street Life, we take a deeper look at some of the current work being carried out in Nepal and uncover the devastating impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having in relation to child labour in the country. One of the Toybox partners is working tirelessly to assist a group of young people who have been working at a COVID-19 crematorium site during the pandemic.

When you think about the young boys working in such horrific conditions, consider how you would feel if it were your own children working in such conditions. Most of us have done our best to protect our children over the last 18 months from the pandemic and some of the harsher realities of the virus. There is already so much they have had to take in and adapt to, it seems unfair to burden their young minds with even more. But for many young people, including these boys working face-to-face with death, there is no such luxury. Every day they are working in dangerous conditions, undertaking work that most adults could not do. They have seen things that no child should ever see, and continued exposure to such pain and sorrow may cause scars that last a lifetime.

When we hear about situations like this, it is likely to make you feel angry, and hopeless. However, due to the support of people like those of you at St Andrew’s, Toybox and their partners can and will be there for these boys, doing their utmost to ensure that they are protected, have someone to talk to about their experiences and are supported to find safer alternatives in the future. Stories like this do not make comfortable reading, but we cannot hide from the reality of what some young people are faced with.

Please continue to pray for and to donate to Toybox—your prayers and gifts make such a difference. Thank you.