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Mike and Silvia Browne


We all take for granted the fact that for most of us, we can read the whole of God's Word in our own language. Yet for many people in the world this is not possible.
The Toba Indians in Northern Argentina were one such group of people, but the work of Mike and Silvia, together with their team of translators has brought them the New Testament in their own language, something they treasure.

Mike & Silvia Browne

Mike and Silvia with sons Kevin and Chris pictured at a recent visit to St. Andrew's talking to Richard Poole

In a recent visit, Mike told us how he had answered God's call to join this project, then run by the South American Missionary Society (SAMS) back in 1990 when he was working as a microbiologist. The project involved living in Argentina and working with the Toba, learning their language (which is very different in structure to European languages) and the careful translation of the each book of the New Testament from Spanish to Toba. This was then checked and rechecked until, in 2010, the work on the New Testament was completed.

Some difficult times followed as SAMS was taken over by the Church Missionary Society and Mike and Sylvia realised if they were to continue the translation project,  they would have to work independantly with little or no funding. Living by faith and the continued support of partner churches in the UK however, they have continued to make good progress on the translation of the Old Testament, having now also completed translation of the Minor Prophets.

St Andrew's Church continues to support Mike and Silvia in their important work and we would ask that you hold them in your prayers.
You can read more on their website