CAP Changes coming

The status of Crawley CAP Debt Centre is about to change, but this won't change the work that the Debt Centre does in Crawley; in fact it has the potential to allow it to expand, to meet the anticipated increase in requests for assistance.

What this means is that Crawley Debt centre will be set up as a charity in its own right, although still very much linked to CAP itself. As a result, all the supporting churches in Crawley are being asked to nominate a trustee to represent them on the new Board of Trustees, to act as support for the Crawley CAP Debt Centre Management.

Hence, we are looking for someone to fulfil that role for St. Andrew's. They need to be someone who is passionate about the work of Christians Against Poverty, has a heart for mission and is able to attend periodic trustee meetings and pray for the work.

If anyone is interested, please contact us, and we will forward your details on.