Soul Survivor

A group of our young people went to Soul Survivor this summer.

David Walker writes:

Soul Survivor is a Christian festival founded by Mike Pilavachi, which aims to bring the joy of the gospel to young people and in doing so  make disciples of Christ. The festival has been growing since 1993 and this year (2015) we decided to see what the commotion was about and take a Christian retreat. Throughout the week we truly had an incredible experience.

From crowding around the campfire wearing more layers than an onion. To standing in a leaking old circus tent with 10,000 other young people worshipping God. Despite the masses of young people I experienced some intimate experiences with God. As the week went on and the various events such as a foam party and silent disco drew to a close I actually started to wish that I could stay at Soul Survivor forever but then I realised  that Christianity is all about being the light in the darkness, about going against the flow and bringing God's love to those who need it.

I  learnt that God is personal but certainly not private and that the joy of God comes in sharing him. However, there are many more great lessons I will take away and apply in my life.