Polar Explorers

Holiday Club 2015


During the final week of the school holiday over 100 children from the church, St Andrew’s School and the local community went on a Polar Expedition. There were games, songs, craft activities, competitions, stories, and of course, the dreaded gunge tank, as we learnt about three characters from the Bible; Peter, Stephen and Paul.


A committed team of around 40 adults led the children over the three days. Many of them were gunged, pied, or took part in messy leader’s challenges, and all of them threw themselves into the energetic action songs and were often seen doing dinosaur or wolf impressions!


We had a wonderful time together learning that we can never make too many mistakes, we can never be too ordinary, and we can never be too bad for God to love us, forgive us and use us on a special assignment for Him. Many of the children came forward for prayer during ministry time each day, and on the final day, a large proportion of the children said ‘yes’ to wanting to follow Jesus.


Thank you to everyone who helped at this year’s holiday club in any way, from setting up, making drinks, preparing the craft, to running the sound desk, playing the guitar and leading the children in their teams. You helped make this year’s holiday club a really special and exciting time.