New Bibles

Richard and the PCC plan for us to buy new Bibles to be used in church as part of our Jubilee celebrations. The ones we use at present are the original New International Version, produced in 1978. Since then there have been some minor changes. In 2011 a new revision was published; this has  been  used  at  St  Andrew's  for  some  special services as, for example, at Christmas, where the readings have been printed. The chief difference is in the use of more inclusive language e.g. "brothers and sisters" etc. Apart from that, some alterations have been made to facilitate the flow of the language. 

A sample of the one we plan to buy is on the café table.  Please feel free to give us any feedback.  George Redgrave
If you would like to donate to purchase these bibles, they cost £8.50 each. Please either put the donation in the collection box in an envelope marked ‘Bibles’ or make a bank transfer (Reliance Bank. Acct 00219614. S/c 60-01-73 St Andrew’s Church, Furnace Green).  For those who can gift aid, please remember to include your name so we can claim.